Josh Pellicer The Tao Of Badass Review

What makes an average looking guy instantly desirable? The first thing any woman does when you approach her is to test you. If you don’t want to get rejected by them, then don’t fail the test! Trust me, women do this all the time and they are looking for that 1% of men who can pass their test with flying colors. The good news for you is that in this article I will be talking about how you can almost always pass these tests with no problem.

Most men are intimidated by women and when they begin to feel the pressure from them, they run away like a scared little girl. Knowing what to look out for and the techniques associated with passing them will put you in that small percentile of guys who not only pass the test, they are soon a sexual candidate.

If you want any chance of ever picking up beautiful women and attracting them, then read closely what I’m about to share about The Tao Of Badass.

The first of these tests is a test of compliance. We will be covering exactly why most beautiful women use them in order to weed out the bad eggs.

This type of test allows the women to see if you are the type of man that is going to be at her beck and call. They do this in order to figure out if you’re the type of man that is going to protect her or wimp out at every sign of danger.

Women want you to pass this compliance test. They want to know that you are not a push-over and that you are not a scared wimp. This is the way they measure a man’s confidence level and this attracts them. You need to understand that these attractive women are approached constantly by many good looking guys. Fortunately for you, you don’t necessarily need to be the best looking guy out there, just the most confident.

I can almost guarantee that confidence will always beat out attractiveness. Women just always seem to be more attracted to a confident man than they are a good looking guy who’s not very confident. If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself.

So, this test is just serves as a method for her to separate the men from the boys. They use this as a measure to let them know whether you’re used to talking to and being around beautiful women or whether you’re just a sheep in disguise. Trust me, women crave a confident man more than they do a good looking guy.

The concept behind their way of thinking is this. If they see your confidence, then they know that obviously other women find you attractive. They know that you’re not the type of guy that will just be at every girl’s beck and call. They want to know that you have two feet to stand on and can make them feel secure at any given moment.

It is important for you to know that there’s a 100 percent chance that a beautiful girl will always give you the compliance test. If you fail, then you are guaranteed not to have a chance of picking up this beautiful girl.

You might ask, “So how do I know I’m being given this test?” Well it’s actually simple. If she immediately starts to demand things of you, you know you are being tested. Do not do what she asks, but also don’t be a jerk about it. She might ask you to buy her a drink. So be careful as to how you respond to her.

Women don’t have a lot of time to figure out whom to go home with that night, so they go straight for the jugular. They might ask you to take a picture of her and her friends, or when you go to kiss her on the lips she turns and gives you her cheek. What you want to do is take control and don’t give in to her demands.

You can turn it around and tell her that you will take a picture like she wants only if she’ll allow you to take a picture of her they way you want. What I mean by this is that if she agrees, then after you take her picture, have her pose for you by asking her to smile, pose sexy or make a silly face. You doing this lets her know that you are now in control. If she doesn’t agree with your demand, then tell her to find someone else to take the picture for her.

You need to flip the scenario on her and don’t let her see any type of fear in you. Doing this type of flipping is one of the most powerful techniques you can ever learn to do. This almost instantly makes her want to be with you and crave you even more.

So, anytime you’re out and about trying to pick up women, learn to recognize the compliance test. If you can do this and flip it on her, you’ll soon find yourself with the woman you’re trying to pick up.

This is just one of many sexual triggers that you can learn. If you’d like to learn more about them and get even more, visit now.

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